Tackling Fitness as a Couple

We are a team. We motivate each other, push each other to do more, and spend quality time while doing it!

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It's Hard!

The MP45 program is not for the Faint of Heart. But we are not fitness gurus, so if we can do it YOU can too!

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It's a total lifestyle change that leaves you weak and sweaty after every workout, but feeling like a million bucks!

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Day 40-2

Stats: Calories Burned: Amanda Gayle – 778, David Jaye – 1099

unnamedAmanda Gayle

Day 40-2
Two a days
Cardio part

We didn’t get to do the standard custom exercise we like to do for the cardio because it was cold and raining but we did drive to the gym and work out. We did a mile on the treadmill then 50 each of weighted body squats, box jumps, and weighted lunges. Then another mile on the treadmill followed by another set of the above exercises. Finally a cool down jog on the treadmill.

My arms are so sore today so I’m glad we didn’t have any upper body. Again I pushed harder than normal on the exercises. I’m proud of that.

Song of the day: What’s Up by 4 Non Blondes. An oldie but a goodie.

David Jaye

Today was one of my favorite cardio routines.  And that’s not strictly because I came up with it.  I used the principles in the program’s training guide to give us a similar cardio workout that we would find more “fun” and engaging than statically sprinting the same course over and over again to different distances.  We basically sprint/pause/sprint for a mile.  Then 50 weighted body squats (I did 40lb), 50 weighted lunges (again 40lb) then 50x 36″ box jumps. Next it’s another sprint/pause/sprint for a mile, plus another 50 weighted body squats, lunges and box jumps.

This routine is fun, but it will put a whooping on ya.  I love it.

Todays pic:


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Day 40-1

Stats: Calories Burned: Amanda Gayle – 876, David Jaye – 1362

40Amanda Gayle

Day 40-1
Two a days
Part one arms and shoulders

You’re supposed to do AM cardio and then evening lift but as always we split it into two days. We ran to to the gym and did the workout as scheduled. I lifted heavier and pushed harder than I ever have. My running was slower than usual, probably because we were off for a such a long time but it was still a lot better than when we first started.

I am still so weak on barbell presses. I’m not sure how much the bar weighs but the most I can add to it is 60 lbs. I went up on weight on all other exercises which included pec decks, flys, cable crossovers and chest presses. My arms get like lead weights by the time we ran back home.

Song of the day: I hate u I love u by gnash. This explains my relationship with working out. I hate it and I love it. I used to just love it. I’m hoping that comes back. Getting back on the routine is so hard.

David Jaye

I don’t really have a lot to say today.  We did it, and it was good.  I’m not having as much trouble with the pause as Amanda Gayle… I am still lifting heavier, and not much else has changed.  I was able to get my mile in under 10 minutes, so that’s improving!

Today’s pic:


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